Whether located at company headquarters or in subsidiary locations around the world, global leaders need to have a solid understanding of cultural and market differences.

Many approaches to leadership development use methods based on a specific region or headquarters culture.

Our leadership development solutions focus on a global perspective from the start, enabling current and future leaders to smoothly make the transition from locally-based responsibilities to cross-border leadership.


Setting a Foundation with the SCOPE Model

All of our global leadership learning journeys are built around our proprietary “SCOPE Model”. Each step of the framework builds upon itself, helping participants form a strong, sustainable foundation for crucial global leadership skills.


Assessing for Global Leadership Behaviors

Global leadership journeys often include assessments pertaining to global leadership attitudes and skills. This helps gauge what skills a participant already has, and what skills need to be developed as a strong global leader.


Engaging and Learning

Depending on the needs and goals of the client, we facilitate in-person or virtual workshops to engage learners and teach pivotal leadership behaviors that are key to international success. Workshops can include Leading with a Global Mindset, Everyday Inclusion: From Awareness to Action, and Accelerated Development for High Potentials in Fast Growth Markets.


Executive Coaching

Mentorship, one-on-one coaching and panel discussions are often integrated into global leadership learning programs. Participants have the opportunity to directly collaborate and learn from current global executives, helping them understand how to apply their new knowledge in a real world context.


Action Planning

Global leadership development solutions end with an exercise where participants map their learning to action items that will improve their effectiveness in their current leadership roles.

I can work with anybody I want to in the global leadership area, and I choose to work with Aperian Global because of the quality of their thought leadership, their creative partnership in program design, and their facilitation skills. They are smart, responsive, work well with our team, and have helped our executives to understand global markets, customers, and colleagues in a much deeper way.

— Director, Leadership Development

Inclusive Leadership, Global Impact

In Inclusive Leadership, Global Impact, Dr. Ernest Gundling and Dr. Cheryl Williams demonstrate how global inclusion initiatives can be combined with local insights to develop, retain, and engage valuable employees around the world, mitigate a range of legal and other risks, and position their organizations for a new wave of innovation and growth propelled by a truly inclusive work environment. 

Throughout the book, the authors provide vital insights and actionable behaviors that leaders can implement in order to better achieve their goals.

What is Global Leadership

Learn about cutting-edge research that highlights ten key behaviors critical to international settings, such as cultural self-awareness, frame-shifting, and developing “third-way solutions.” Whether one is leading an entire organization, a business unit, or a geographically dispersed team, this book provides an important resource for developing global leadership talent.

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