Globalization: Making It Work in Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare

The pharmaceutical & healthcare industries have undergone significant changes in recent years –
most notably the widespread expansion into global markets. This trend presents companies with significant opportunities for growth, but it also brings change, new scenarios to navigate & unique challenges, especially cross-culturally.

A changing landscape requires new skills and processes.

This complex, global operating environment requires pharmaceutical & healthcare organizations to adjust and adapt their business processes. Because we have partnered with clients in these fields, we understand the changes driving these needs and the questions you must ask to address them.

Mergers & acquisitions have been a key driver in corporate growth.
How can you help your teams integrate even more efficiently?
R&D and clinical trials are increasingly globalized to expand the research pipeline and lengthen geographic reach.
How are you keeping these functions engaged in a complex, matrix environment?
Sales teams are more diverse internally and are interacting with a more diverse customer base.
How will you promote effective communication and interactions?
Business functions are located in separate hub cities.
How do you foster cooperation and collaboration outside the context of your own environment?
From molecule to full-scale production, pharmaceutical projects extend over long periods of time, during which employees change.
How will you transfer knowledge and information, across distance, and national and functional cultures?

Aperian Global has more than 25 years of experience in answering these questions.

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Solutions to build global marketplace effectiveness

Our solutions span a wide range of methodologies, from facilitated programs to assessments and surveys to online learning tools. Here’s a sampling of the business challenges we address:

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