GlobeSmart and Ghana: The Importance of Funerals

Posted on May 13, 2013

GlobeSmart and Ghana: The Importance of Funerals

Aperian Global recently added Ghana to GlobeSmart, so we talked to our colleague Adwoa Osei about her January trip to Ghana, where she conducted key interviews for GlobeSmart research. Adwoa’s originally from Ghana herself, so we asked her if she was surprised by anything that came up during her interviews.


“This might sound morbid,” she said, “but I found it striking how important funerals are to doing business in Ghana. Funerals are such a central part of Ghanaian life! I felt like every interviewee mentioned that being invited to the funeral of a colleague’s relative was one of those opportunities to build relationships that you cannot overlook. Sure, we like our weddings, but they’re nowhere near funerals for importance.


“When someone passes away in Ghana, their body is brought home first, then brought to a church for a memorial before being buried. After the burial, the family holds a gathering where you sit down as friends and family and celebrate the person’s life. It’s a whole-day event. What you’ll see is that sometimes offices attend these gatherings as a group. You might even have a whole bus hired to take your office to the funeral. This is usually on a Friday or Saturday. You won’t be expected to stay the whole time, but you want to show your face, extend your condolence, make a donation, and support that relationship.”


If you’d like to learn more about building relationships in Ghana, we invite you to take a look at our new country information by visiting GlobeSmart!


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