India: Preparing Future Leaders

Posted on January 27, 2014

India: Preparing Future Leaders

India: Preparing Future Leaders

A team from Aperian Global recently attended the Conference Board’s Future INDIA Leadership un-Conference event on the 22nd and 23rd of January in Bangalore, India. The focus was on defining what leadership in India will look like in the coming years as well as how one can build a skill set to succeed in that environment.

But what is an un-Conference and how does it differ from a regular conference? One of the practices used at the un-conference was real-time audience polling, which helped turn attendees from passive listeners into active providers of feedback. In addition, events that might have been presentations were made more participatory. Claire DiDonato (Boston, MA, US) said “The breakout sessions weren’t formal presentations… They were more collaborative, with input from attendees, and facilitators who worked to keep the conversations organized.”

Freeda Fernandes (Bangalore, India) reported that the event was a success, with “great discussions around what the future of leadership may look like and insights into strategies and tools that are going to be most needed.” Among the leadership-related topics discussed were: the Importance of Self-Awareness; Global Acumen; and the Ability to Collaborate Across Virtual Teams. Aperian Global was pleased to see that the core capabilities we support are very relevant to the Indian market and we look forward to supporting our clients’ needs in this space.


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