Infographic: 3 Steps for Increasing Cross-Cultural Competence

Posted on February 11, 2015

Infographic: 3 Steps for Increasing Cross-Cultural Competence

cultural competence in global teams infographic

Increasing Cross-Cultural Competence in Project Teams

Global teams often experience challenges working in matrix environments. Common challenges can include deadlines, poor communication, and overwhelmed employees.

Luckily, these challenges can be minimized if team members develop cross-cultural competence.

Aperian Global’s Director of Consulting in APAC, Christie Caldwell, recently wrote about the importance of cultural intelligence for global project teams in the book Radiology in Global Health. You can download a free copy of her chapter.

Looking for a fun solution for global project team conflicts? Check out our game-based learning solution Managing Competing Priorities.

This solution teaches strategies for handling common challenges in matrix organizational structures, where employees may have multiple managers, competing priorities, and differing work-styles.

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