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Today, business is borderless.

In order to outperform competitors in profitability, capture new markets, and develop new & innovative products, it’s been proven that organizations need to leverage cultural diversity from within, as well as externally with partners from around the world.

Don’t let a lack of cultural understanding hold you and your organization back.

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GlobeSmart accelerates cross-cultural awareness in organizations by equipping them with advice on how to successfully conduct business with more than 95 cultures around the world.

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How GlobeSmart Advances Organizations

Strengthens Global Teams

Make sure your global team is on the same page. Learn about culture and country-specific work styles, strategies to address cultural differences, and ways to leverage differences for optimal team performance.

Prepares for International Business
Travel & Relocation

Prepare for trips or relocation abroad with guidance on over 50 cultural business topics, including travel, attitudes towards women, safety, manners and etiquette, and more.

Develops Inclusive Workplaces

Gain an understanding of how different cultures approach sensitive topics and navigate your workplace with a deeper understanding of your staff.

Cultivates Global Leadership

Improve your ability to understand and motivate employees from different cultures, both at home and overseas. Learn new ways to connect and communicate with diverse staff.

“With one of our recent inclusion and diversity initiatives, we wanted to focus on building our global, cultural acumen as an HR community and develop a common language. We intentionally chose GlobeSmart to help us achieve this. GlobeSmart helped us learn to build cross-cultural relationships in teams, individually within HR, as well as with our internal client groups. It also helped us build self awareness of our different work styles and preferences, and to more effectively consult and influence our highly global, diverse workforce at Microsoft.”

Cathy Campbell, Senior Diversity & Inclusion Manager Microsoft

GlobeSmart includes access to the GlobeSmart Profilea statistically validated tool that helps workers become more self-aware, and allows colleagues to compare work styles on a behavior dimension scale.