May 2017 Noteworthy Reads on Inclusion & Diversity

Posted on May 9, 2017

May 2017 Noteworthy Reads on Inclusion & Diversity

Noteworthy Reads on Inclusion & Diversity - October 2017

In a digital world full of noise and endless new information and data, we at Aperian Global are starting a new (free) service. Thanks to the expertise and experience of our employees, we will be curating note-worthy, thought-provoking content such as articles, books, podcasts and more, for you. Each month we’ll share novel content in areas related to global talent development, such as global leadership, inclusion & diversity, cultural agility, teaming effectiveness, and much more.

This month we’ll kick off the series looking at our top five recommended reads on topics related to inclusion & diversity.


Six Signature Traits of Inclusive Leadership

Deloitte University Press
Juliet Bourke & Bernadette Dillon

“I love the six traits; simple but expansive – Collaboration, Cognizance, Commitment, Courage, Cultural Intelligence, and Curiosity. The 15 elements detail important values in action. One which struck me was that elements for Courage are both humility and bravery – the courage to be humble. Another was being cognizant of our own biases. I found the article a good summary of what it takes to be an inclusive leader.” Mui Hwa Ng, Director of Consulting, Asia-Pacific


Don’t Give Up on Unconscious Bias Training — Make It Better

Harvard Business Review
Joelle Emerson

“As we are constantly inundated with request for more unconscious bias work with our clients, this HBR article takes aim at the validity of doing these types of trainings. While we at Aperian Global may be ‘biased’ (no pun intended) towards the value of this training, it’s nice to see that when done correctly, there are others that also recognize its value and importance.”Peter Kristensson, Director of Consulting, EMEA


Gender Intelligence

Barbara Annis & Keith Merron

“There was ‘IQ’, then Daniel Goleman coined ‘Emotional Intelligence’, and now there’s ‘Gender Intelligence’. This approach moves beyond the ‘old-school thinking’ that women need to be taught to act “more like men”, and instead focuses on creating inclusive work places by building on complementary male and female thinking-, communication- and decision-making styles. Neuroscience proves that the male and female brains are hardwired differently, yet complimentary. This book illustrates how Gender Intelligence can truly change organizational cultures.”Simone-Eva Redrupp, Managing Director – Customized Learning Solutions


Let Your Workers Rebel

Harvard Business Review
Francesca Gino

“Francesca Gino beautifully illustrates in her research and writing that leaders (and organizations) pro-actively need to encourage non-conformist behaviors, to celebrate the rebels, to truly allow diversity and different perspectives to come into play! If we feel pressured to conform, it reflects a non-inclusive work environment. Team leaders need to start with allowing rebels and challenging conformists.”Stine Fehmerling, Director of Consulting, EMEA


Everyday Bias

Cook Ross Inc.
Howard Ross

“This is a must read article for anyone who wants to truly understand unconscious bias and how it impacts our daily work. It’s an easy read and has a lot of practical advice. “Keiko Sakurai, Director of Consulting, Japan


Please feel free to share this list with your colleagues and friends, and bookmark this link for more to come each month. Happy reading!

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