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Aperian Global has supported millions of business professionals and students around the world to help them succeed on a global scale.

Hal Zabin

Head of Regulatory Medical Device Excellence, Bayer

“As a global organization, we were looking for a way we could address a large cohort of employees at the same time, while providing the flexibility for employees to learn at their own pace. This need led us to partnering with Aperian Global to implement the 30-day Learning Journey across several parts of our organization.

This program leads to real behavior change. The change is more sustainable than with a single training event because coming back to the topic repeatedly establishes a pattern of thinking that can be carried on beyond the 30 days.”

Cathy Campbell

Senior Diversity & Inclusion Manager, Microsoft

“We intentionally chose GlobeSmart to help us focus on building our global, cultural acumen as an HR community and develop a common language.

GlobeSmart helped us build self awareness of our different work styles and preferences, and to more effectively consult and influence our highly global, diverse workforce at Microsoft.”

Cecille Valencia Bagcal

Vice President, Fragrance

“The learning session was very impactful in terms of the message, and the way it was delivered was like a breath of fresh air. Even though there were over 100 participants, our facilitator was able to keep everyone highly engaged with her insightful, yet light, intimate delivery — almost like having a chat over coffee.”

Sarah Bouchie

Vice President, Learning through Play in Early Childhood, The LEGO Foundation

“It was quite a luxury to step out and reflect on our decisions as a family, and a nicely facilitated process to help us think more about what we want to get out of our assignment. I really appreciate that I went through the training with my spouse.”

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