Working GlobeSmart

Working GlobeSmart
Twelve People Skills For Doing Business Across Borders

Ernest Gundling, Ph.D.
For aspiring global managers and organizations developing tomorrow’s leaders, Working GlobeSmart delivers strategies for success on the global stage. Whether you are working in your company’s foreign office or on a virtual team that spans the globe, this field guide can help you discover how competencies for crossing national or cultural boundaries add value to global business.

Rich in examples – from Italy to India, Turkey to Thailand – this book bridges the gap between what we know about business success and what we know about differences in values, abilities, and behavioral characteristics across various cultural dimensions.

This unique GlobeSmart model demonstrates how to develop cultural competencies at the organizational, group, and interpersonal level, highlighting 12 key skills critical for success.

Working GlobeSmart was named one of the top business books of the year.
Nicholas Brealey Publishing, ISBN# 0891061770

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