Conversations That Matter

It’s time to have the Conversations That Matter, thoughtfully — and globally.

In these challenging times, how can you make sure that your employees feel seen, heard, and connected? Conversations That Matter uses a simple framework: We work with you to create a globally inclusive forum for your employees to listen, learn, and reflect.

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What Participants Will Learn

Through the guidance of an experienced Aperian Global facilitator, participants in Conversations That Matter will:

  • Explore local issues related to equity, identity, and inclusion
  • Examine in-group and out-group dynamics
  • Learn how to apply global organizational values within a region or country
  • Get feedback related to inclusion initiatives to date
  • Receive recommendations for creating a more inclusive workplace

How Your Company Benefits

Ideal for companies that conduct business around the globe – either virtually, through travel, or across different locations – with Conversations That Matter, we partner with your organization to:

  • Empower your employees to share their experiences with race, ethnicity, gender, and other dimensions of diversity
  • Develop action items through employee input, providing a progressive path forward
  • Get resources for overall organizational engagement, including identifiable objectives, an implementation roadmap, and communication templates

Guided by a certified Aperian Global facilitator, this content-rich learning program comes personalized for an organization’s specific needs, challenges, and questions.

Led by a certified Aperian Global facilitator, this interactive learning program is customized for an organization’s specific needs, challenges, and questions.

  • Facilitated by a global diversity & inclusion subject matter expert(s)
  • Five 90-minute sessions
  • Multilingual facilitation available
  • Mutual listening, idea generation, discussion of possible next steps

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