GlobeSmart Profile Debrief

Gain a Real-World Understanding of the GlobeSmart Profile.

In the GlobeSmart Profile Debrief, an Aperian Global expert brings participants on an interactive journey through the organizational and individual insights delivered in the industry-leading tool. In this short session you will gain essential action steps to improve your cultural agility in the workplace.


What Participants Will Learn

Leverage the GlobeSmart learning platform to:

  • Gain insight into how culture impacts business interactions
  • Compare one’s work style to that of other people and other cultures
  • Understand the “why” behind common culturally-influenced behaviors
  • Learn to use a validated tool to help understand workstyle diversity in a multicultural setting

How Your Company Benefits

The GlobeSmart Profile Debrief is essential for any company that conducts global business virtually, utilizes international travel, or features workspaces in different locations. By employing this facilitated program guide, organizations can:


  • Develop a more globally-aware and effective workforce
  • Grow the bottom line through more productive business interactions
  • Mitigate business risk due to lack of cultural awareness


The program consists of an interactive learning experience personalized to participant-specific needs, challenges, and questions.

Delivery options include: 
    • Face-to-face delivery: 2-3 hour session
    • Virtual delivery: 2-3 hour session

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