Drive Intact Team Performance

This blended learning solution drives performance for intact teams within organizations. It includes a blended learning process over time that can be customized to fit your organization’s needs.

Who is this for?
Intact team members

*Can also be adapted for team leaders, who can use the GlobeSmart Teaming Assessment to conduct their own team debriefs.

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What’s Included?

AssessmentsOnline LearningInstructor-led TrainingVirtual Coaching


How do participants benefit?

  • The ability to determine and analyze core team issues reflected in the team assessment results
  • Improved team performance through activities and exercises designed to address core issues
  • Co-authored action plans to drive a higher level of team performance with clearly defined timelines and responsibilities assigned

How do organizations benefit?

  • Improved collaboration and performance
  • Reduced team conflict
  • Improved trust and communication across the organization

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