Integrate Cross-border M&A

There’s More to M&As Than You Might Think

Firms working on mergers or acquisitions tend to focus primarily on immediate strategic and financial issues, and by doing so, often underestimate or mishandle more subtle issues, such as cultural fit. When these deals are global, the cultural aspect is magnified with the blending of both organizational and national cultures. Numerous studies show that the number one cause of failure among international mergers and acquisitions is employee integration: the human element.

Understand the Cultural Components of Integrating Diverse Corporations

Although the decision to merge with or acquire another company is typically made by a small circle of top executives and functional specialists, the implementation of a major transaction requires effective collaboration of leaders and employees across the new combined organization. We help guide clients toward a successful integration by recognizing and working through organizational and cultural differences.

Even before a transaction is complete, Aperian Global can help companies strengthen their due diligence processes and consider questions that go beyond the usual financial and strategic concerns, including:

Does your integration plan fully account for the challenges related to national, organizational, and team cultures?

Is your merger integration team considering country and regional characteristics, infrastructure, human resources practices, and the differences in competitive environments?

Are you setting up planning teams that focus only on operational and functional aspects of the combined entity?

Have you performed a stakeholder analysis that maps key employees whose retention is critical to the deal valuation and future success (R&D, distribution, sales relationships, product development, etc.)?

Is there a strong integration team in place equipped with the knowledge and skills they will need?


Integrate Cultures Post-M&A

Aperian Global’s solutions help organizations understand the critical cultural aspects of integrating diverse corporations and allows them to:

  • Develop awareness of common cross-border M&A pitfalls and best practices
  • Gain insight into key drivers for new counterparts in the combined organization
  • Enhance practical skills, such as effective communication, feedback, influence and handling change
  • Share knowledge, experience, and key learnings to date
  • Build relationships that supports constructive resolution of critical issues
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