Develop the cultural competence needed in today's global workplace.

Give your employees the tools they need to navigate the complexities of cultural differences and work more effectively on global projects.

Work and life are global. Your employees need to understand cultural differences, both abroad and at home. That understanding will be the difference between success or failure for your organization.

Cultural competence is a journey. We’ll help you plan every step so that you succeed—wherever you are.


Work with an experienced consultant

You’ll consult with one of our cultural competence experts who works with businesses across the world. They’ll recommend a customized, blended solution of talent development strategies, scalable web-based resources, and face-to-face learning programs adapted for employees around the world.


Review your customized plan

After recommending strategies, our consulting team develops a robust, actionable program that includes virtual, in-person, and online modules. We focus on mission-critical skills and knowledge for your teams, leaders, and employees.


Set a cultural competence benchmark

How do you know you’re improving if you can’t measure your growth? We use a suite of proprietary assessments, such as the Global Team Assessment, to quantify your team’s cultural competence. These assessments turn gut feelings into measurable, reportable metrics.


Create collaborative global teams

Through customized cultural competence training, we teach your employees how to be more self-aware and overcome barriers that arise from differences in geography, culture, and language.

Modules include:

  • Collaborating Across Distance
  • Virtual Collaboration
  • Engaging Virtual Meetings


Make your leaders global leaders

Empower your leaders to bring the best out of their teams, no matter where they are. Leading a global team takes insight, agility, and steady application of best practices.

We guide your leaders towards these skills with solutions like:

  • Executive Coaching
  • Customized Programs for High Potential Future Leaders
  • Leading a Global Team


Build empathy for people in other cultures

Whether you work globally with clients or colleagues, trust and respect comes from shared understanding. We support your team with knowledge about different working styles and cultural assumptions and traditions, including:

  • India Immersion
  • Virtual Country Briefing


Maintain and grow

After we finish your initial cultural awareness training program, we’ll assess where your team’s cultural competence level is and look for opportunities to continue to grow.


Building Bridges Between Cultures

We worked with 400 Kia Corporation employees from South Korea and Mexico to improve team trust, establish cultural understanding, and develop a shared vision and strategy for improved collaboration.

[The 30-day learning journey] resulted in clearer communication across our global teams, as well as notably fewer style conflicts. This program leads to real behavior change.

— Hal Zabin, Head of Regulatory Medical Device Excellence, BAYER

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