Take your inclusion and diversity efforts global.

Discover how to create inclusive work environments around the world with a globally consistent—yet locally relevant— approach.

Inclusion and diversity aren’t boxes to check. They’re necessary components for global organizations to thrive in today’s world.
We use an evidence-based approach to consult with some of the world’s largest global organizations. Our original research can be found in our industry-leading publications and in the solutions we provide for clients.







Learn inclusion and diversity best practices

Our experienced senior consultants can explain what corporate inclusion trends look like today and how to build and maintain inclusion best practices over time.

We specialize in creating and customizing global D&I initiatives that can also be adapted for local cultures.


Find your benchmark

We’ll help quantify your organization’s current levels of inclusion using our proprietary assessment, The Inclusive Behaviors Inventory (IBI). The IBI also provides individuals with a picture of where they are on their own inclusion journey, along with practical steps they can take to become more inclusive.


Challenge unconscious biases at home and abroad

Our team will guide you through the difficult but worthwhile work of challenging unconscious biases, using our concise and memorable CIAO model. We’ll help you explore identity in the workplace and consult on how to build conscious inclusion between employees from different backgrounds, cultures, locations, sexual orientations, and more.


Align your champions

Create lasting impact by leveraging the strengths of your people. We align with your senior leaders and tap into your organizational successes and best practices.


Develop everyday inclusive behaviors

We help your employees transform harmful micro-aggressions into encouraging micro-affirmations that foster trust and respect. Through customized, hands-on learning experiences, we’ll build everyday inclusion skills for meetings, feedback, assessments, problem-solving, and decision-making. These skills can be readily applied on the job—at home and abroad.


Build inclusion into your hiring practices

Inclusion and diversity start with your talent cycle. Learn how to build stronger teams from the ground up by attracting and retaining diverse talent. We teach you inclusion best practices that keep biases out of the recruitment process.


Drive inclusion from within

We’ll empower your leaders to build or co-author an overall inclusion strategy. They’ll have the insight needed to support and measure inclusion throughout the talent cycle as they recruit, develop, coach, assess performance, and ultimately plan for their own successors.


Addressing Unconscious Bias for Greater Inclusion

We helped GSK create a more inclusive work environment by facilitating unconscious bias trainings for their leaders, equipping them with the skills to identify and address unconscious bias and model inclusive behaviors.

Aperian Global has amplified the value of our learning and development resources to promote inclusion at Discovery. Over the last 8 years, their training programs and GlobeSmart platform have become a strategic part of our learning initiatives and have played a pivotal role in helping our teams to be more effective at working across cultures.

— Christian Hug, Vice President LifeWorks & Inclusion, Discovery Communications

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