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Through each phase of selecting, preparing and sending candidates on an international assignment, we help ensure success every step of the way.

Selecting candidates for international assignments

We have assessments that can help candidates determine whether an assignment abroad is the right choice for them. We can assist organizations in making difficult choices.

Our assessments identify:

  • How effectively candidates can work with other cultures
  • Capacity for global assignment success
  • Potential for development as a global leader
  • Ability to act inclusively


Learning tailored to assignment needs

International assignments are not all the same, so a one-size-fits all approach does not work.

Our customized, flexible learning programs meet your employees’ needs, wherever they are in the world. We provide relevant guidance for their specific circumstances, making employees more likely to succeed on their assignment.


Preparing for assignment: developing valuable skills and strategies

We help assignees to:

  • Maximize time and productivity on assignment
  • Establish trust and build credibility with local employees and customers
  • Avoid unintended consequences due to cultural misunderstandings
  • Develop global leadership skills
  • Mitigate potential legal risks


Providing support for the whole family

The success of an international assignment often depends upon the whole family adapting to a new culture.

We not only offer assignee coaching, but support for spouses and children as well.


Supplying ongoing coaching

Our consultants in major business destinations provide post-arrival support to assignees.

They deliver one-on-one coaching, on-site team-building sessions, and personalized adaptation strategies.


Repatriation Support

Transitions home are often frustrating for expatriates. Without support or new opportunities to use their acquired skills, many look to leave the company. This results in a loss of hard-won experience to their employers.

We specialize in helping expats and companies with a smooth changeover, so that the global experience gained by the employee is put to good use.


Measuring success

Global mobility training includes evaluation as well as on-assignment check-ins to keep track of progress. Our assessment tools, such as the Global Competencies Inventory, can help measure the progress of leaders in acquiring global capabilities.


Discover the unique approach of our Flex Model


Read How We Helped a Manufacturing Company Prepare for International Assignments

An established brand with worldwide reach, this company strives to provide the highest level of global mobility support to employees. We partnered to provide cross-cultural training services that were adaptable depending on each assignee’s experience, family needs, and assignment destination.

When I relocated for the fifth time internationally with my husband, we considered the cultural support from Aperian Global to be one of the most critical elements of the move.

Our consultant helped us anticipate the differences we would see, prepared us for challenges we hadn’t thought of and patiently explained the context of experiences as we went through them in the early weeks.

— Alison Cowan , Director of Global Learning and Talent Management, Brunswick Corporation

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