The New

Posted on August 25, 2015

The New

The new website enhancements

By now, you have hopefully picked up the news that we have launched a brand new website, with enhanced features, a user-friendly interface, and many valuable, new resources.

Our Manager of Global Marketing, Sarah Cincotta, explains the reasons behind the new design: “We began to notice a significant amount of our website visitors were using mobile devices to access our content. Since our old website wasn’t responsive (i.e. adapted to mobile and tablet viewing) and knowing the amount of mobile users will only increase, we needed to allow for a responsive design. Furthermore, we felt that the site was lacking the ability for our visitors to interact with us at Aperian Global. The new site allows any visitor to leave comments on our blog and resource content, contact us easily, follow us on social media, and select the services best geared to their situation and position. Ultimately, we wanted a website that portrays all of the various ways we interact with our clients and we’re delighted that our new site does just that. We’re also working on an eCommerce infastructure so visitors can purchase individual seats to GlobeSmart, Learning Paths and some of our other offerings. Stay tuned – our online store will be launching later this fall.”

The website launch overall took more than six months of intense work from more than 20 staff members and a team of external developers and designers at WebpageFX, a full-service website design, development and internet marketing company based in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. To facilitate the process, which included many virtual meetings and colleagues in very different time zones, we used BaseCamp and Google Docs as resources to coordinate the project process, assign tasks and responsibilities, and give feedback on the progress. We experienced first hand what it means to work with a virtual team of different cultures (both national and company cultures), and were once again reminded of the importance of communicating clearly and being aware of potential misunderstandings or misalignment in a virtual work setting. “I am very happy to see the contribution of so many people come together in such a beautiful end product. I am excited to hear the feedback from our clients, partners and extended community now that the new site is live.” adds Sarah, as the project she has been managing comes to a close.

We are proud to share the end result with you, and we encourage you to explore our new website to check out our free resources, including infographics, articles, book features, and case studies. If you enjoy the content on our new site, sign up for our quarterly newsletter, where you will receive all our latest updates and industry news straight to your inbox.

A few before and after shots:




Picture1 Picture2


Picturemobile2 Picturemobile2


Picture3 Picture4


Picture5 Picture6

Tell us what you think! If you see something we can improve or that is not working the way it should, we would love to hear your feedback at Of course, we welcome positive words and feedback as well!


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