Tips for Seeking Employment Abroad

Posted on September 4, 2014

Tips for Seeking Employment Abroad

Tips for Seeking Employment Abroad

Aperian Global’s own Diana Zalaquett left Peru to study in the United States at Northeastern University. Her post-graduation job search for employment wasn’t easy, so she compiled and shared a list of tips with her fellow alums: What worked for her and what didn’t? What challenges may be unique to working outside your home country?


  1. Use your local network – Your friends from your chosen country may know more than you about business trends, recruiting practices, protocol and preferred resume structure than you do. Seek their advice!
  2. Highlight your international experience – Being from a different culture means you bring a fresh perspective that other job applicants may not offer. You may have to bridge cultures, though, and explain equivalent values from your past. Diana said, “I would also recommend that any past experiences (work or school-related) in your home country [should be related] to an American equivalent so that prospective employees can understand where you are coming from when you tell them about what you did in your home country.”
  3. Know about potential legal Issues – For an employer, hiring an applicant may be an expensive, risky and time-consuming project. You should know the steps and costs required to obtain authorization both on your side and on the employer’s side. One way to decrease the impact of this potential obstacle is to focus your applications to positions at organizations that have already sponsored international employees in the past.

Following these three tips will help you be prepared for many of the challenges you will face when trying to work abroad. But of course, this isn’t a complete list!

Do you have any tips of your own that have worked for you? Or any advice you would give those interested in working outside of their home country?


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