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What works here might not work there — GlobeSmart prepares your leaders to successfully conduct business with more than 95 cultures around the world.

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Build a true appreciation and understanding of cultural differences into your leadership team. Don’t just provide a superficial guidebook of diversity and inclusion phrases — empower leaders to truly contribute and connect on a global scale. Use GlobeSmart to teach cross-cultural collaboration.

❌ Offensive assumptions

❌ Project failure

❌ Lost revenue

✅ Capitalize on different work styles

✅ Effective collaboration

✅ Sustained growth

Perfect for leaders in your organization who need to:

  • Lead and build global teams
  • Roll out cross-border initiatives
  • Integrate foreign acquisitions
  • Innovate on a global scale

GlobeSmart turns leaders into global leaders by teaching people how to:

  • Understand trends and preferences in key markets
  • Balance global and local priorities
  • Represent regional markets with cultural savvy
  • Build a strong network of global colleagues
  • Identify personal strengths and develop global employees
  • Continuously assess successes and areas for improvement

Prepare your team for success with GlobeSmart.

Find Your Work Style

The GlobeSmart Profile helps you discover your unique work style and compares it with the styles of people in different cultures.

Get Smart Advice

Learn how to effectively work with different colleagues and cultures.

Learn About Different Cultures

Explore business relevant content on over 50 topics, including communication, relationship building, culture and customs, and more.

“GlobeSmart has been applied as a way to ensure that international and local employees are highly developed and trained in cross-cultural communication and can support the organization in becoming increasingly culturally adept and intelligent. It is more than just a web tool. It’s a launching pad for discussion, brainstorm and cultural understanding.”

GlobeSmart Administrator, Carlsberg Group

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