Unconscious Bias Across Borders

In-House Train-the-Trainer Program

Take your organization’s unconscious bias training efforts global
with real buy-in and support from around the world.

Benefits of our Train-the-Trainer Program

Build the capabilities & global teamwork of your in-house professionals

Supplement existing initiatives with a flexible model that includes sample global applications

Focus on practical outcomes: mutual listening, employee engagement, retention & innovation

Customize your approach to fit diversity challenges faced by different global locations

Scale unconscious bias training programs while keeping delivery costs down

What does your team get from the program?

Training on in-house program delivery; flexible delivery options that include opportunities for learning, interaction, and practice.
License for internal use of Aperian Global’s industry-leading Unconscious Bias materials & tools.
Orientation to a six-dimension “Inclusive Behaviors” survey that provides feedback and recommendations to individual employees on their own developmental areas.

Discover how our Train-the-Trainer program can enable your organization to take advantage of industry-leading research and tools to make your inclusion and diversity efforts more fully global.

Aperian Global’s CIAO model of Unconscious Bias is simple, memorable, and compatible with many different frameworks. It enables practical actions while also addressing the underlying habits and assumptions that make bias so tenacious. Examples from various world locations make this CIAO model relevant and accessible to all employees.

A variety of diversity dimensions can be highlighted through this program, depending on local needs, while integrating shared organizational values & principles. We offer specialized contents on these topics and more:

“The program provided a solid unconscious bias framework for our Asia-Pacific region that also allows us to truly localize the content, making it more relevant for our audience. The facilitator provided relatable examples and video content that were relevant to our local market.”

– Unconscious Bias Train-the-Trainer Participant

“I received training as a facilitator, but this program has led me to approach my own leadership role in a different way as well. As an expatriate who is often on conference calls with headquarters, I now take the initiative to build more respect for differing opinions along with a greater willingness to listen to what is being said. I also listen differently myself and am much more aware of my own interactions. The quality of our team’s dialogue and the solutions that we’re able to create together have improved dramatically.”

– Unconscious Bias Train-the-Trainer Participant