Working with Diverse Styles

30 Day Learning Journey

A scalable learning solution designed for large audiences to develop skills and change behaviors in 30 days

The first learning solution in this format, “Working with Diverse Styles,” builds awareness of different work styles through the GlobeSmart Profile℠, and develops the critical skill of style-switching. The solution is especially relevant for organizations working across cultural and work style differences, and complements ongoing diversity and inclusion initiatives.

This short video is an example from Week 1 that introduces the concept of work styles.

Each week in the program focuses on a key insight related to work styles and style switching.

Learners can work independently, or team up with colleagues in a learning cohort.

Micro-learning assets include short videos, games, and readings. Each week also includes experiential activities for pairs and small teams.

Learners spend approximately one hour per week in the program, across multiple short sessions.

Ideal User Groups

Teams beginning work with colleagues in new countries

New hire orientations or professional development events

Specialized groups working with offshore partners (e.g., ERP implementations)

Action learning project teams

New supervisors & managers

Flexibility: Both the program content and the delivery can be customized to your organization’s specific requirements.

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