Motivating Across Cultures: Encouraging Higher Performance


Today, most leaders are struggling with keeping employees motivated and engaged virtually. So, where do you start when trying to understand what motivates your colleagues and employees? How does our distinct national culture shape our core values, impact workplace behaviors, and influence those motivating factors?

Explore these questions and much more in this 30-minute GlobeSmart Learning Moment virtual event. During this webinar, you will:

  • Learn how our national cultures shape core values and impact motivational factors
  • Understand how biases and cultural lenses impact employee evaluations and motivations
  • Discover how the GlobeSmart learning platform can be leveraged to determine what motivates your colleagues around the world
  • Learn how to motivate employees in a virtual environment

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Mui Hwa Ng
Director of Consulting, APAC

Mui Hwa Ng has successfully delivered a wide range of talent development interventions throughout Asia Pacific for many executives of Fortune 100 and FTSE companies. She has developed training programs for the educational, banking, finance, pharmaceutical, electronics, manufacturing, and consumer goods sectors in various areas of Leadership – including Culture and Workstyle, Team Collaboration & Management, Inclusion & Diversity, Distance and Matrix Leadership.

Prior to Ms. Ng’s consulting career, she worked for fifteen years in a regional role for three major international advertising firms in Asia and London. During the mid-90s she also developed and conducted workshops on assertiveness and empowerment for working women in Hong Kong.

She majored in Sociology and English Linguistics at the National University of Singapore and holds a post-graduate certification in Early Childhood Education. Ms. Ng is certified in Myers-Briggs Personality Types (MBTI), Workplace Big 5 and DISC Personality Profiling. She retains a keen interest in social and political issues. Among other activities, she has been actively involved in developing and facilitating fair employment practice workshops at Singapore’s Tripartite Alliance for Fair Employment Practices.